Real Estate Photographer in Macon, Ga

Real Estate Photographer now offering services in
Macon, GA

Commercial Photographer, Jim Barber, now offers Real Estate Photography
services in Macon, GA.

Becoming a Real Estate Photographer is an accomplishment Jim Barber has recently obtained.  In this day and age where anyone who “owns a camera” can claim to be a professional photographer, the world of real estate photography requires very specific equipment and expert computer skills.  Jim has amassed that equipment and honed those computer skills during his 20 year career as a professional photographer.

To introduce this new service to the community, Jim has designed and distributed two new postcards:

Promotional Postcard for Real-Estate-photographer- Macon-GA


Promotional Postcard for Real-Estate-photography-Macon-GA


Novice photographers, even agents themselves, often use point and shoot cameras or, worse, their cell phones to take the pictures that they will use to market YOUR home.  I use a DSLR with a 16 mm lens, a tripod and flash equipment.  See the comparison below:



Real Estate photography camera comparison

Doesn’t the room look more spacious with the right equipment ?

         The photos I produce for you will make your home look more appealing to buyers!

   Photo on the left is off an actual MLS listing.  When I created new photos for the realtor, I produced the image on the right from the same camera angle.

Professional Real Estate photography makes a difference in Macon, Ga


Before hiring any realtor, make sure they agree to have a professional photographer create the photos that will be used on the MLS listing.  It’s that important !

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