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The  Experience

 My objective is to put you at ease and bring out your natural expression.  I'm not only interested in your satisfaction with the finished portrait;  I put just as much effort into making this a pleasant, no stress experience.  My past clients often use adjectives like: PATIENT, fun, PROFESSIONAL, helpful, TALENTED  in describing their interaction with me.

- On location services -

As a convenience to you,  I will bring all the essentials to the location of your choice.  This minimizes the time you're away from the items on your "to do" list.  We'll have an enjoyable time creating several photos designed to make sure that you'll make a GREAT first impression!  


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Happy Clients

Testimonials from headshot clients in Macon, GA

The Results

     The sample images on the left show the quality of my work.   Many other clients have left equally complimentary testimonials and I'm thankful that I have been able to contribute to their personal branding.

During the session, you'll be able to view the photos on a 10" tablet and select your favorites.  Each photo that you select will be retouched and polished before next day delivery to you.


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SIMPLE pricing



The first person photographed during the appointment session is $ 195.

Each additional person photographed during the same session is $ 130.


Each person photographed will receive one retouched digital file in 2 formats:

High resolution file – 8x10 @ 250 ppi – suitable for print applications

Low resolution file – 4x5 @ 72 ppi – suitable for internet applications


If I photograph 5 or more folks at the same session, I will include 1 free 8x10 print of the entire group.



During these pandemic times, it’s not always possible to get all participants into one place at the same time.  This is where
compositing comes in very handy
.  I will photograph the participants individually BUT I’ll create a finished image
which shows everyone standing side by side in a group pose.

PRICE - $ 200 / participant.


Scheduling is EASY – Call or text  Jim Barber / Impressive Images Photography  478-737-2244

OR  email      Jim@BTOportraits.com

The Guarantee

     Money Back Guarantee:  If I can not create a headshot that you'll be proud to display,  I will refund your money!

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