Headshot testimonial from Forsyth GA

Headshot Blitz held at our Chamber of Commerce

Jim Barber, Forsyth’s neighborhood photographer, was invited to create headshots for the Chamber staff, Board and membership.


The event was well attended and the participants were quite pleased with their new headshots.  One of the staff members had hoped to have her braces off before the scheduled date but that just didn’t happen.  I spent some extra time with her trying to get one shot of a “natural” smile. 

 This is the way Priscilla recounts her session:


    I’d never met Jim Barber before but he’s made a very positive impression on me. Here’s what happened.

   Recently, Jim was invited to photograph the Chamber staff and new members of the Board.  He volunteered to do the photography at our office (so convenient for everyone).  I was quite amazed at all the equipment he brought in:  background, studio flashes, light stands, tripod and camera.

   I was not all that excited about getting in front of the camera because I’ve been wearing braces for the past 6 months.  After a series of 5 or 6 shots,  Jim was aware of how self conscious I was about smiling and letting my braces show.  I was surprised about what he did next . . .  In an effort to help me relax, he came around from behind to camera and started a conversation about my family. At one point, I told him my son likes to play baseball.  Back behind the camera, he asked me to show him how happy I would be if I saw my son hit a home run.  Forgetting about my braces, I put on a natural open lip smile for the first time.                              


professional headshot


I immediately rejected the photo (since my braces showed) but Jim didn’t delete it; we just took a few more shots.









 Here’s where Jim went the extra mile.  I had no idea what a photoshop expert can do but headshot taken in Forsyth GA
he removed my braces.  This  is the photo that he delivered to me and I am just thrilled
with the results!   

Jim has convinced me that he’s not going to rest until the customer is satisfied!







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