Free 2022 photo calendars

A collection of free 2022 photo calendars

Jim Barber, owner of Impressive Images Photography, is a long time, professional photographer serving the Forsyth / Macon, GA area.  In addition to family portraits, Jim provides comprehensive photography services for business: head shots, facility and product photography, marketing photography for Realtors,  and photography for websites.  Call or text Jim at 478-737-2244.

Through the years, I’ve been fortunate to travel to some beautiful places.  I’m presenting some of my favorite travel images in a series of free photo calendars for 2022.

        These calendars are sized 8.5 x 11″ at 250 dpi.  Feel free to download and print these calendars for your personal use.


January 2022

    Back in August, I had another opportunity to visit Zion National Park in Utah.  At the right time of day, the mountain faces are quite colorful.  Many areas of the park are accessible only by shuttle buses.  The striations in the rocks and the color palette is what attracted my attention for this shot.  ENJOY!    Here’s more info about Zion NP:


Zion NP photo calendar 1


February 2022

Hello again from Jim at Impressive Images Photography in Forsyth, GA.  This month’s calendar is adorned with a photo of the St. Simons’ lighthouse.  The usual view of the lighthouse is from the pier (with ocean, seawall and lighthouse all in view).  As I zig zagged my way around the island, I found this view of the lighthouse peeking over the treetops.  ENJOY the view and plan on visiting St Simons, GA real soon.


Lighthouse photo on a Feb 2022 calendar


March 2022

Spring has sprung early in Forsyth, GA.  We had a milder winter than usual which prompted an early display of color in our flowering trees.  This Japanese magnolia tree is in full bloom before the end of February.  ENJOY!


Photo of Japanese Magnolia


April 2022

My trips to Jekyll Island never disappoint !   Me (and the gnats) enjoyed sunrise on the beach one morning.  I loved the silhouetted tree limbs against the colorful sky.  The icing on the cake was when a shrimp boat entered the frame.  Love this shot.  ENJOY!!


calendar featuring sunrise seascape photo


May 2022


A view from the GA coast.  I really enjoy photographing sunsets!  The fact that this setting includes a shrimp boat is the icing on the cake.  Do you have a favorite place to photograph sunsets?


May 2022 photo calendar


June 2022

While visiting Destin a few years back, we went down to a marina to wait on the sunset.  It didn’t disappoint !  The sunset colors were gorgeous but every great photo needs a fore ground element.  I moved around until I could get a camera angle that included the pelican.  Colorful sunsets seem so elusive when I have my camera; glad I had my camera this time!


June 2022 photo calendar

July 2022

Growing weary of the hustle and bustle of “tourist towns”,  we decided to visit a little, off the path fishing town on the Florida coast.  Steinhatchee, FL is home to this old, wooden wharf (and not much else).  We enjoyed waiting for sunset and spotted more alligators (than we were comfortable with) lurking in the waters.  This wharf was the only foreground element that I could use to capture the sunset sky.   ENJOY!


July 2022 photo calendar


August 2022

My wife and I took a self guided tour of Sedona, AZ a few years back.  We heard that this area (Cathedral Rock) was the backdrop for A LOT of western movies back in the day.  It really is an impressive sight!  I happened to catch a vantage point with a stream in the foreground.  Slowing down the shutter speed (1.5 sec) really adds a nice effect to the water.  Enjoy your August 2022 calendar!


August 2022 photo calendar


September 2022

    A sunrise beach scene adorns this months photo calendar edition.  Just returned from our 50th honeymoon (anniversary).  We visited an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas.  We had a ton of fun!  It was always cloudy but seldom rained.  Accommodations and food were GREAT!  Till next month,  Jim


September 22 photo calendar


October 2022

   As we close the chapter on the summer of 2022, I leave you with one of my favorite sunrise photos.  Taken at Driftwood beach on Jekyll Island.  ENJOY!


Oct 2022 photo calendar

November 2022

    Our “colorful leaf hunting” trip to north GA was disappointing this year.  Dry conditions throughout the state set the stage for a colorless Fall.  SO, I have dredged through my archives to find a photo from our trip to Maine years ago.  Enjoy this fall foliage shot for this months calendar!


Autumn Photo Calendar 2022


December 2022


   This month I’m extending my heartfelt wishes for YOU to have a very Merry Christmas!


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