Country Club photographer

Recent shoot by Country Club photographer

Jim Barber is a Macon, Ga based interior design photographer who really enjoys country club photography.

The Healy Point Country Club dining room was all decked out for a recent upscale reception and the staff requested my services to  produce some great new images of this clubhouse focal point.  My thanks to event coordinators Marianne and Crystal for getting me involved in this project!  As you can see, the decorations included chair covers, table linens, centerpieces and color coordinated decorative tulle.  I’m sure all in attendance were impressed by the very classy atmosphere.  Please contact Crystal, Healy Point’s very own event coordinator, at  478-743-1495  to plan an event that your guests will remember fondly.


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Headshot photographer in Macon, GA

Professional headshot photographer sets up shop in Macon, GA

For image enhancing headshots see Impressive Images Photography.

Many times, your first contact with a potential client won’t be in person.  If the customer sees your picture on a brochure or billboard before meeting you in person, you want that  head shot to portray you as pleasant to work with, an expert in your field and being trustworthy.

A well crafted head shot can make all the difference in whether the new customer will follow through with a phone call or not.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of your next head shot:

  • Use a professional photographer – the difference that studio lighting and posing accessories can make is enormous.
  • Dress for success – People who provide professional services (realtors, bankers, lawyers)  should dress in a suit.  If your job requires you to wear a uniform, wear your uniform to the shoot.  By all means, avoid shirts / blouses with stripes, plaids, polka dots because the head shot will be more effective if your face is the center of attention.
  • Grooming – Ladies, if you find a new hair style that you’ll be using for a while, maybe it’s time for a new head shot.


Professional headshots

Call Jim at 478-737-244 for even more tips on getting the perfect head shot.  Head shots

are a business essential with so many uses make sure your next one is a  great one!