The secrets to getting your "best headshot ever" revealed!

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So, what does "Beyond the Ordinary" service mean?

  1.  The convenience of   "on location"  appointments.  I bring the studio to you!  Studio lighting, background and accessories all set up at the location of your choice to minimize the disruption of your work flow.
  2.  MONEY BACK  guarantee!  My mantra is "I'm not happy until the customer is happy".  Rest assured that I am committed to your absolute satisfaction.
  3.  I don't use contract photographers.  When you book a session with me,  I'll be the one creating your "Beyond the Ordinary" head shot.
  4.  In post processing,  I change the background color to match your existing collection of headshots.


4 Tips to getting your BEST headshot ever!
Courtesy of Impressive Images Photography /  478-737-2244

Getting a great headshot is a collaboration between you and the photographer.

Here’s what you can do to prepare for your headshot session:

  1. Wardrobe: “Dress to impress” certainly applies here.  The tip is to avoid shirts / tops with patterns, stripes, plaids (anything that will distract the viewer’s attention from your face and expression).  Solid, neutral colors are the way to go!
  2. Jewelry: Be conservative about the use of jewelry around the face.  LADIES: avoid large hoop earrings or heavy necklaces.  Once again the tip is to avoid distracting the viewer’s attention away from your face and expression.
  3. Grooming: The average life of a headshot is about one year.  This may not be the time to try out a new hair style.  Here’s the tip: Try to have haircuts / hair styling done a couple of weeks before the session.  MEN: Pay attention to trimming any facial hair.
  4. Expression: Putting on a natural smile doesn’t come naturally for some people.  We really want this headshot to portray you as friendly, helpful, approachable.  That is best accomplished with a warm, genuine smile.  The final tip is try this exercise:  Standing in front of a mirror, close your eyes and put on a happy face.  Now open your eyes and see if the smile looks natural.  If not, figure out what needs to be changed and try again.  BEING ABLE TO PUT ON A WARM, GENUINE SMILE IS THE BEST CONTRIBUTION YOU CAN MAKE TO GETTING YOUR BEST HEADSHOT EVER!


I look forward to providing this service for you at the location of your choice.

Please call:  Jim Barber  /  Impressive Images Photography  /  478-737-2244


A promise kept. Here's my pricing strategy!

The first person photographed pays $ 195.    Each additional person photographed pays $ 125.

This price include the on-location session fee and 2 versions (printing resolution and internet resolution) of 1 retouched file.  Retouching and delivery of additional files is $60 each.