Forsyth, GA commercial photographer welcomes new business.

Jim Barber, a Forsyth, GA commercial photographer, recently created some promotional images for a new business in town.

Bluetick Mercantile is a new business in Forsyth.


Images of BlueTick Mercantile by Forsyth, Ga commercial photographer

Any new business needs high quality photographs as the foundation of their marketing campaign. Bluetick Mercantile invited Jim Barber, a Forsyth, Ga commercial photographer, to create the images that they will need. This new facility is an upscale bakery specializing in breads, pastries, cookies and muffins.  I haven’t tried everything on their extensive menu, but, what I have indulged in has been very tasty.  The decor is very rustic with metal chairs and handmade, laminated wood slat tables as well as counter service. The item that caught my eye immediately is their lighting.  All their lighting fixtures have very unique light bulbs.  The clear light bulbs have very decorative filaments that are quite eye catching.

Word about this new restaurant on the square is spreading quickly.  When I first arrived for the photo shoot at 1:30 pm, the lunch time crowd was still pretty thick.  I came back later in the afternoon to capture these images.