Hotel photography in Macon, GA

I was recently asked to do some hotel photography for a local facility in Macon, GA.  The owner wanted to put some fresh images on the internet after remodeling the lobby and several rooms.  Time of day is such an important element when doing the exterior shots.  When doing these kind of projects, I arrive before sunset and leave after sunrise.  This strategy gives me 2 chances to get great light on the main exterior elements.  For the interior shots (which include windows in the image), the best time is 30 mins before and after sunset when the intensity of light outside is fairly close to the inside lighting.  For those hotels that feature a breakfast for guests,  I ask the employees to set up early so I can photograph before the guests arrive.  On this particular shoot, I produced 58 images for the hotel owner.  I've included a small sample below.  


hotel photography